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Trump Is Giving Conspiracy Theorists a Bad Name

The President of the United States of America is mogul and ex-reality TV star Donald Trump, and his inability to hold his tongue is something he’s becoming notorious for. His frequent Twitter rants are embarrassing US citizens on an almost daily basis, and there seems to be a never-ending supply of badly spelled sentences haphazardly strung together, hauling somebody over the coals.


His cluelessness is splattered across the media on a daily basis, but that doesn’t seem to deter him in the slightest. Let’s find out what issues he’s using to try to maintain his place in the spotlight!


Barack Obama Is Not American


Trump was shouting this from the rooftops for a while, claiming that Mr Obama was not born on US soil, and thus was not eligible for his presidential post. He tweeted out his challenge in 2012, but had to eat his words just four years later. He admitted in 2016 that Mr Obama was as American as he was, and this fact has been proven time and time again.


Global Warming is a Fallacy


Trump has alleged that the Chinese created the concept of global warming in order to damage the American economy. He then removed the US from the Paris Climate Agreement, believing that American commitment was out of balance when compared to other economies. Unfortunately NASA has proven that this is no conspiracy theory, and the planet is heating up.


Senator Ted Cruz’s Dad Was Involved in Kennedy’s Assassination


While the rest of us are spending time having fun online, playing Bingo for money and learning new ways to enjoy various casino games, Trump is spewing his theories on who was the mastermind behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy, and that’s the link that Trump is making to Ted Cruz’s father. Apparently Cruz Senior was spotted alongside Oswald some months before the murder occurred. There’s no proof, no mob connection, and no photo identification, and apparently the source for this story is The National Enquirer.


Voter Fraud Commission


The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity was established after unsubstantiated claims by Trump that millions of votes in the 2016 Presidential Election were, in fact, illegal. This, according to Trump, is why he didn’t get the popular vote.


Trump is claiming that dead people’s names were on the voter’s role, and blamed illegal immigrants for the fraud. This Commission was dissolved in January 2018, after finding zero evidence that there was any truth to his statements.


Vaccinations are Causing Autism


In 2014, Trump took to Twitter to let everyone know that the doctors in charge of their kids’ health were liars, and that vaccinations were causing autism. His theory was apparently fuelled by his experience of a child who had been healthy before getting vaccinated, only to suffer from autism after getting vaccines.


This dangerous untruth has lead to a rise in previously controlled diseases making an appearance again, and the CDC has published multiple reports proving that there is absolutely no link between children being vaccinated and children getting autism.