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Google Translate is Awesome

Google Translate is Awesome

Google Translate is now available to access on any mobile device that can connect to the internet. Even on the most basic phone you can get google to translate for you. This includes smart devices that do not have the capacity to allow real money online casino gaming. Online casino gaming requires that the operating system of the mobile device be of a certain age. Older versions of systems that are used on mobile devices have speed barriers which prevent smooth gaming. They also struggle to support the graphics even when the games are being played via the download platform which uses slower connection speeds.

Does it work

For the better part of the day, the google functionality is awesome. It will help you find you way around a foreign land with an even stranger language. Even when you are not travelling physically but online or reading T&Cs for online casino games it makes life easier. Especially when you want to communicate with the people that you meet when online.

The problem with the application comes in those odd moments when it has to translate proverbs and idioms. More so with the idioms. This is because the program gives a literal translation of what has been said. An example of this is when you ask it translate into English a popular East European idiom that speaks about how all things grow and change. The result that you get reads, “…what grows bends, now what was a deep pond is now a crossing…”

But as there are lots of efforts both from Google and the public to get the system to work. Google continues to update its databases using internal sources and also asking the public if they can offer a better translation. The response from the public has been large and is contributing to making the translations more accurate.

After Google Translate

Voice activated translation devices. These are the future. Expect to see them in masse at the 2020 Olympics to be held in Japan.