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Conspiracy Theories to Make You Look at Movies in a New Light

Conspiracy theorists rarely take things at face value, and this extends to the films they watch, as well. Sometimes they’re right on the money, and sometimes the ideas are a bit of a stretch, but they always encourage you to make up your own mind, and possibly see things you didn’t notice in the first place! See if you agree with some of the more unusual takes on well-known movies.


Voldemort as an Allegory for Hitler


Naomi Pfefferman, of the Jewish Journal, believes that the purebloods’ appearance is very close to the Nazi Aryan ideal, and David Heyman, who produced the Harry Potter films, has actually confirmed that this is so.


He stated that Voldemort and the Death Eaters, as his followers are named, share the Hitlerian obsession with blood purity. He clarified that they’re not actually Nazis, but they do recall the attitudes and politics of this shameful period of world history.


The Mysterious Briefcase in Pulp Fiction Contains a Soul


What did you think was in the briefcase? Perhaps money, like the cash you dream of winning at online sites like River Belle Casino?


The golden glow of the Ving Rhames suitcase has stumped many. But there is a rather interesting theory that it actually contains the soul of Marcellus Wallace, who sold it to the devil for his power, status, and wealth. The key is the 666 combination that opens it, the many biblical references made by Jules Winnfield, aka Samuel L. Jackson, and, obviously, Wallace’s desperation to retrieve it.


Ferris Bueller Didn’t Actually Exist


This theory has been setting Reddit ablaze for some time now, and it hinges on Ferris Bueller not being real. What if Bueller was actually just a figment of hypochondriac Cameron Frye’s imagination? This would make Bueller just an ideal representation, the living embodiment of everything Frye wishes he could be.


James Bond is Not Real Either


This theory says that James Bond is not an actual person, but a codename passed on from one M16 agent to another over the years. This theory perfectly explains the disparity in behaviour across the various Bonds, and also unravels the mystery of why characters like M age but the super spy does not.


Labyrinth Is a Metaphor for a Girl in Puberty


This theory will definitely give you something to think about. The film’s premise is one of a young girl taking responsibility for her life, and then going off to look for a child. Like a teenaged body, the maze surrounding her is always changing, and presenting different challenges as she undertakes the journey.


Cobb’s Totem in Inception is His Wedding Ring


Cobb’s totem in the film Inception isn’t actually the spinning top, but his wedding ring. This is why he removes it in the real world but is seen wearing it in the one he’s dreaming of. How likely is this one? Well, it does help explain the bizarre ending, as there is a shot of the characters hand there, and it has no ring on it!