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Although we are fighting a war, be responsible: How Drinking Really Affects Your Driving

Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True

There is a popular saying that states that truth is stranger than fiction, and the conspiracy theories in this article are proof positive of it. As crazy as these ideas were originally held to be, every one of them turned out to be true.


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The Dead Baby Project


This conspiracy theory deals with Project Sunshine. After the dust had settled in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the American government began an intensive study to measure how nuclear fallout affected the human body. The theory said that the US government was stealing dead bodies in order to do this, and that’s exactly what was going on!


They needed young tissue, and recruited a network of agents around the world to get the bodies of babies and children who had passed away. They then proceeded to take the samples they needed, occasionally even removing limbs, all without getting permission from, or even notifying, the more than 1 500 shattered families.


Booze Gone Bad


The conspiracy theory stated that, during Prohibition, the US government started adding poison to liquor in order to discourage drinking. The truth?


Well, manufacturers of alcohol at an industrial level had been mixing dangerous chemicals into their alcohol for many years before Prohibition, and this was common in the Wild West too. But, in the years between 1926 and 1933, the federal government actively encouraged them to start using stronger toxins, in order to discourage bootleggers who were peddling moonshine. It didn’t stop the bootleggers, and people kept drinking on the sly, but over 10 000 US citizens were murdered by these poisonous chemicals being added to their alcohol by the time Prohibition came to an end.


Mrs Woodrow Wilson Ran the Country


Conspiracy theorists believe that President Woodrow Wilson suffered a massive stroke, which rendered him incapable of governing the country, and his wife stepped in to do his job for him.


The truth behind this one is a little complicated. Wilson did have a very debilitating stroke towards the end of his term, but it was hushed up, because it was felt that the public was better off not knowing. It was kept quiet for a number of months, during which time his wife, Edith, was actually making many major decisions. Despite her claims that her function was primarily that of a steward, there are certain historians that believe that she played a much larger role. They analysed Wilson’s term, and concluded that for more than a year his wife was running the country.


Government Mind Control


Theorists have it that the US Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA, tested LSD and other hallucinogens on Americans without their knowledge, in order to experiment with the possibilities of behaviour modification.


This is a fact. The programme was called MK-ULTRA, and it definitely happened. The CIA started things off with volunteers, with Ken Kesey, a notable novelist, being one of their most famous participants. But the people in charge rapidly began dosing individuals without their knowledge or permission, and there were many who were left with permanent mental damage as a result.