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Conspiracy Theories in the Music Industry

While many conspiracy theories hold true, there are some that are slightly… out there. Herewith those concerning the music industry, ranging from the secret genetic history of singer/songwriters to artists simply being replaced when they die.


Kris Kristofferson is a Reptile


A lizard, to be exact. If you’re not up to date on the history of lizards among us, here is a primer: David Icke, a British broadcaster, wrote a book in 1999, The Biggest Secret. This detailed his belief that the most powerful political leaders on earth, and some of the biggest celebrities, are actually part of a race of reptilian aliens known as the Babylonian Brotherhood.


Hear me out before you go back to your Canadian mobile casino action: notable crocodilians include George W. Bush, Pope Francis, Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, and Kris. They’re not actually reptiles, but descended from a race of lizards who came down to earth around 200 000 years ago and interbred with us.


Elvis Presley is Alive and Well


The best musicians never die, they simply decompose… But seriously. Many people believe that The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll is alive and well. He’s been spotted many times since his purported death, most notably with Muhammad Ali in 1984, and at a Burger King in Michigan.


Paul Mccartney Is Dead as a Doornail


According to certain conspiracy theories, Paul McCartney passed away in a car accident in 1967, but was replaced by a Mr William Campbell, who looks exactly like him. There is a rather bewildering amount of evidence to support this claim, including:


  • Paul is the only Beatle with bare feet on the cover of Abbey Road, and the only one leading with his left foot. This represents him being, literally, out of step.


  • The Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band album cover sees Paul with a hand over his head, which may indicate his being blessed, and symbolise him having received Last Rites. He’s also the only member of the band who’s facing backwards on the other side of the LP.


  • If you play Revolution 9 backwards, you can make out the words Turn me on, dead man.


  • At the end of Lennon’s Strawberry Fields Forever, a voice can be heard saying I buried Paul.


Another Lookalike: Avril Lavigne


According to this theory, Ms Lavigne died in 2003, at the height of her pop superstardom, and was rapidly replaced by a girl called Melissa, who looked exactly like her. Theorists have pointed out changes in the singer’s handwriting, a different vocal tone in songs released after this point, and the shape of her eyes having altered.


Katy Perry is the Adult JonBenet Ramsey


Remember JonBenet Ramsey? The little beauty queen who was murdered in 1997? Well, a YouTuber by the name of Dave Johnson popularised a theory that she wasn’t, and that the I Kissed A Girl hitmaker is, in fact, the little girl all grown up. Creepy as a haunted house or other establishment, this theory has a lot of followers…


According to Mr Johnson, Ramsey’s parents staged their daughter’s death so that she could reach the level of fame they wanted for her. He doesn’t explain much, but says that the resemblance is uncanny, and that this is the only possible explanation for how much they look alike.